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The Company.

The Company

From a family-run sawmill to one of
the most modern in Europe

The company was established in the early fifties by Östen Juto, father of current owners Sigvard and Jan-Erik Juto. It began to expand in the early eighties when the focus of production was initially birch processing, with products being sold mainly to the furniture industry or as packaging material to the steel industry. The company has gradually evolved and today specialises exclusively in pine for use in the manufacture of high-quality carpentry products, e.g. window frames.

With their carefully planned expansion over the years, the Juto brothers have developed a production plant capable of sawing, sorting, drying and trimming 65 000 m³ sawn timber per shift annually.

Following a fire in 1999, the sawmill has been built up into one of the most modern in Europe. And investment hasn’t stopped there; it continues with, most recently, a new log infeed, automatic camera sorting in the trimming plant and a new primary breakdown circular saw.

Jutos Timber

Teurajärvi 6, 980 60 Korpilombolo, Sweden, tel +46 (0)977 310 00, fax +46 (0)977 300 90, info@jutostimber.se

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