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Quality and the Environment.

Quality and the Environment

We aim for high quality in everything we do, from the raw timber through processing, product packaging, and delivery to the customer.

Environmental policy
We take great care in the stewardship of our high-quality raw materials and firmly believe that forests should be managed sustainably and with regard to the environment over the long term. The requirements of environmental and forestry legislation are the minimum standards we would accept in our operations. Our customers must be completely confident that the goods we deliver have been produced in an environmentally-friendly way. We believe our customers place a value on this.

All the raw materials delivered to Jutos Timber AB come with a contractually required assurance that they do not come from a controversial source. This means that Jutos Timber does not accept timber from illegal felling, woodland where traditional or citizens’ rights are disregarded, forests where areas of high conservation value or special scientific interest as defined by to the Swedish Forest Agency are being damaged, or natural forests that are being felled for cash crop replanting or non-forestry use. We do not accept genetically modified raw timber.

Jutos Timber is certified by the FSC®, (Forest Stewardship Council®), CoC (Chain of Custody),  a supply chain traceability certification, licens code FSC-CO23435.

FSC® is an international organization with an international system of rules (standards) on forestry management that govern the environmental, financial and social aspects. Its standards provide safeguards over and above those of current forestry legislation.


Quality and the Environment

KD Mark
Jutos Timber uses the KD 56 °C/30 min mark – a standard set by the Swedish Board of Agriculture. This means that drying has been carried out with a drying process that guarantees a minimum core wood temperature of 56 °C for a minimum of 30 minutes, and that the dried wood has a mean moisture content of no more than 20%.

Jutos Timber

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