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Products and markets.

Products and markets

Today, Jutos Timber exports most of its products, with the two largest markets being the United Kingdom and North Africa, mainly Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Other export markets include Finland, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy and Japan. The domestic market accounts for only a small proportion at present but has great growth potential as production increases.

Our customers are mainly in the interior, furniture, window and door industries, along with a variety of importers. Security of delivery is vitally important for success in the market and for repeat orders.

We offer a wide range of pine product specifications, including standard and special dimensions.

Produkter och marknad

Quality and freight labelling

O/S I-II crown JUTO crown
O/S I-III crown JUTO
O/S I-IV JUTO crown
V+ + JUTO +
V star JUTOS star
VI- – JUTO –

Jutos Timber

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